Hi! I’m Torin! I’ve been reading tarot in some form since I was old enough to read a little white book1, and tea leaves a couple of years later. Since then, my fascination with divination has driven me to seek out all kinds of weird and wonderful things, from aeromancy2 to zoomancy3.

I’m from Australia, so here’s a possum napping in a tree.

I hope that by sharing the things I’ve learned, I can help others in their journeys. My aim is to write in a way that is accessible to beginners, but doesn’t simplify or dumb things down in the slightest. I’ve seen too many books and websites that seem to talk down to their readers, and I don’t want to do that to people. So, occasionally there might be footnotes and hover text to explain terms. Some of the terms might seem really simple, like ‘little white book,’ but it’s still a term that beginners get tripped up by. Feel free to ignore the footnotes on words and terms you’re already familiar with, and please, if there’s a term you want me to explain better, let me know.

That aside, I hope you like footnotes4.

This possum has a nest.

This website will be full of my musings on mysticism, spirituality, and especially divination. I’ll include instructions, research, and discussion on all sorts of topics within those genres. I’ll also be posting the occasional interview with professional tarot readers, palmists, psychics, and others of the mystic persuasion. Doing interviews gives me an excuse to reach out to people I think are really cool.

‘Til next time, may the cards fall in your favour,

  1. Those are the little instruction books that come with tarot cards.
  2. Aeromancy is telling the future by the wind and sky – if your Nana ever said things like ‘red sky in the morning is a shepherd’s warning,’ she was using a form of aeromancy.
  3. Zoomancy is telling the future by the behaviour or sighting of animals. There’s an old rhyme about magpies that goes ‘one for sorrow; two for joy.’ That rhyme describes a type of zoomancy.
  4. I like footnotes.

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