Chatting with Granny’s ghost

The funny thing with ghosts is that they tend to come and go as they please. They often like to watch over their living relatives. This post is about my most recent ghostly encounter, which happened just a few months ago.

My Granny passed away several years back – but she’s not gone. When her youngest son became ill, she started pestering the family. She was persistent. Her boy is a bit of a recluse, and really dislikes people checking in on him, so she’s probably the only one that can regularly keep an eye on him without him getting upset.

As we did things to try and make sure he was okay (calling up the hospitals near his house, eventually finding him in a larger regional hospital, checking up on him every morning waiting for him to regain consciousness) Granny started sending us presents.

I found a crate of books in the garbage behind a second-hand bookstore that was entirely titles I was interested in. Absolutely nothing wrong with the books, or the crate. That seemed a nice stroke of luck – I didn’t normally walk through that particular back street, so it was very serendipitous. I wasn’t aware that this was Granny’s doing at that point.

Earlier that day, I purchased a replacement bag (black) to take to uni, and the following day as I took a walk to stretch my legs between thunderstorms, I found a bag of the same style but in brown. It was the exact shade of my brown shoes. Again, another marvellous stroke of luck… though now I started suspecting something more. Granny would always insist that I have handbags that matched my shoes. It could still have been mere coincidence, but the bag had been left on top of a pile of broken furniture that someone in my neighbourhood was getting rid of, and, though most of the broken furniture was soaked through, this bag right on top of the pile was totally dry. Odd.

These were the flowers

If I wasn’t convinced that Granny was trying to encourage me to keep checking in on her baby boy (now in his 60’s) she then somehow managed to influence my lovely mother-in-law, who had decided to buy me flowers to cheer me up while I was dealing with illness in the family. The bouquet I was presented with was a fresh replica of a dried bouquet that Granny had kept in her home for years – as long as I can remember. My mother-in-law had never seen Granny, let alone her house.

This is the charming teapot

Later again, I was looking in a charity shop to find some set dressing for a short film I was making, and I spotted a perfect, old, chipped teapot. I turned it over to check the price tag ($2), and was shocked to discover that the teapot had Granny’s name painted on it. All these coincidences happening within the span of a week? At that point there’s definitely something fishy happening.

It reads ‘Hand painted by Nancy’ in French.

That’s when I dug out my tarot deck to try and work out what was going on. Was it my Granny, or someone sending me very granny-like gifts for some other reason? In my first attempt at contact, I got literally all the scariest looking cards in the deck. Then it occurred to me that Granny was a fairly devout Christian who thought tarot was a tool of the devil. Granny liked tea though – so I took a little gamble and switched to tea leaves. That’s when I started getting good, clear messages.

Once that relative regained his health and we started the process of getting him to complete hospital paperwork that would have us notified if something so severe happened again (nobody should have to die alone), she stopped sending gifts, and stopped chatting with me over cups of tea. She was satisfied we had done what we could.

Her youngest is still a recluse, and I suspect he absolutely hated that we were being so nosy as to want to be informed if he was in hospital dying (I don’t get this – I’d rather have people by my side if I were that unwell). He’s back to refusing to take our calls, being rude to his neighbours, sending his older brother very unwarranted letters full of abuse, and ‘forgetting’ to call on his children’s birthdays. But, it’s to be expected. I’m still glad he’s got someone like Granny looking out for him.

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