Authorial Intent

When I started this blog it was because I wanted a place to store all the persistent thoughts and frustrations I had with stuff like ignorance in news reporting and ethics in divination. I don’t think I was entirely sure what I wanted to do with it, apart from write a bunch of rubbish. I decided that I’d keep my posts to once a week to encourage myself to keep writing, but not push myself too much. I think I had about 3 months of scheduled posts ready after the first month. Even now I have about a dozen or so half-finished articles sitting in draft-limbo, waiting for inspiration to return to complete them.

I stayed away from spirituality, not wanting to alienate people who came for the tarot/ogham/runes etc. and not for some weird rumination on the meaning of mythology. I think I also had some silly notion about not straying too far from the theme if I wanted to have a ‘successful website’ with ‘broad appeal’ – whatever that means.

Of course, all that meant I wasn’t actually using the website to store all those persistent thoughts I wanted to get out of my head. It felt restrictive, so the writing stalled as I was thinking too much about things that didn’t ‘fit’ with the theme. Silly git that I am.

So, screw that. I’ll write whatever. Hopefully some people find it useful – that’d be awesome. Marketing and branding nonsense like staying on theme is for people who want to turn their websites into cash cows – I never planned to monetise this, nor to advertise a bunch or grow a huge audience of readers… so I don’t have a clue why that was floating in the back of my mind. I think the spirit of capitalism may have been hovering over my shoulder and whispering terrible advice into my ear.

Anyway, look forward to a more varied mess of articles sprouting forth.


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