Tarot spread for receiving a message

A few weeks ago I made a post about dropping cards when you’re shuffling. In that post I suggested that if you felt like you were being sent a message, you could do a proper reading, rather than attempting to interpret cards you’ve dropped when you don’t know the question they’re an answer to.

Receiving a completely unknown message through a symbolic language like tarot without a frame of reference is extremely difficult, so here’s a spread to help you out. The use of this spread isn’t restricted to only when you drop cards – this is great for any time you feel like you’re being sent messages that are too vague or confusing for you to work out.

The first card is intended to set a frame of reference – if you get a card that doesn’t immediately bring to mind something happening in your life, I strongly recommend drawing an extra card or two as clarification. If these extra cards are still confusing to you, put the cards away, have a cup of tea, and come back to it tomorrow. There’s no point progressing if you can’t get a clear frame of reference.

‘Things to watch out for’ is about external influences – things you can’t control, but should be aware of. ‘Things to keep in mind’ is about how you approach things – your internal mindset. For example, if you tend to be very analytical and you get the High Priestess in this position, you may be being asked to listen to your intuition more.

The rest of the spread should be pretty self-explanatory, though clarifying cards might be needed at any position in the spread, depending on the nature of the message. If you try this spread several times and nothing you’re getting makes sense, your message may not be something that can be easily expressed through tarot. Consider trying another form of divination.

Tea leaves are far more free-form than tarot, so you can get a much wider variety of messages through them. If your deceased Grandma who cared a great deal about how you look wants you to replace your worn-out shoes, she’s going to have a hard time telling you that through tarot without sending you a lot of weird confusing messages. What card represents worn out shoes? The 5 of coins maybe? That also represents unemployment, so if she shows you that card, you’re potentially going to think that the message is about your job. That’s pretty useless to you both, as any cards following that will give you nothing of value. Tea leaves let your Gran draw you a picture of shoes with a hole in them in tea leaves, like a spiritual game of pictionary. It makes more sense to receive a message like that through tea than tarot.

Of course, until you know what kind of message you’re being sent, it’s difficult to match the message to a form of divination that is good at expressing that type of message. You’ve got to start somewhere, and tarot is a good place to start.


May the cards fall in your favour,

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